Plant Information

There are 1400 species of vascular plants in the Bahamian Archipelago (Correll and Correll 1982 and Acevedo 2012).  The Preserve now hosts 299 native species of vascular plants including 19 of the 89 endemic species known to occur in the islands (Freid et. al. 2014).

The original survey of the property listed 171 species as naturally occurring on the site.  Since then there has been an additional 151 species (~88 % increase) added to the list of the Preserves living collections. The increase in species number is due to a closer examination of the site revealing additional species as naturally occurring as well as live plant collections from Abaco, Andros, Crooked, Exumas, Long Island, New Providence, and elsewhere on Eleuthera.  An additional 21 non-native fruiting trees, shrubs, and herbs were added to the Edible History section.

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