Open 9am - 5pm daily

The Leon Levy Preserve is located on Banks Road just 2 miles from Governor's Harbour. 

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Eleuthera Island Map

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 For more information: Guide to Eleuthera Island/Leon Levy 

Visitors are encouraged to take photos and video for personal use.
Visitors must seek permission to fly drones or any other aerial device.
Sale and/or commercial use of photos is prohibited without permission from the Preserve.
Contact us for information regarding promotional or commercial shoots.


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The Martha Stewart seal of approval
Last weekend, my good friend Shelby White, extended an invitation to our mutual friends, Memrie Lewis, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, Rob Wynne and to me to join her at her home on Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Shelby had a really fun weekend planned for us and I would like to share a special tour we were given at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve. Read more... 
Martha Stewart 

Inspired my career! Love it! - Mica Cunningham, Nassau, Bahamas.

Quality! Spectacular! -  Laura, Ned, Sarah and Ellett, Atlanta, GA.

Absolutely breathtaking beauty! - Gregg and Danielle, Hobe Sound, FL.

Worth the walk to the tower :) -Natalie and Brandon, New Jersey, USA.

Just magnificent tranquility - Candace, East Hampton, NY.

Incredible learning - C. Kirkead, Jamaica.

Keep up the good work - there should be more of these - Jill, New Zealand.

Beautiful spot - Maurice and Norma, Cape Town, South Africa.

Bellissimo! (Lovely in Italian) - Patty, Florence, Italy.

Fantastic- Great experience, tx! - Nat, London, UK.

Beautiful made our day!!! - Chnolds, Switzerland.