Booking Information

Please read the following before booking an educational program with the Levy Preserve.

Advance reservations are required. Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance to ensure the date and time desired. Once you have a confirmed booking you will receive a confirmation email from the Levy Preserve office.

Register by: phone (242) 332-3831, vibe 225-7832.
Fax: (242) 332 3832

Open Daily: 9am – 5pm.

Please ensure that each child has written permission from the parents take part in the Levy Preserve program.

The cost is $2.00 per child and free for accompanying adults.

A minimum of 1:10 adult to child ratio is necessary when bringing a class to the Levy Preserve. The children will be briefed by Levy Preserve staff about safety and it is the chaperone’s responsibility to ensure that the children abide by the rules of the preserve. Children must never stray from the group unless instructed to do so.

Teachers should be mindful of weather forecasts and ensure that children are appropriately dressed for a day in the outdoors.

If you need to cancel a field trip you must notify the Education Office at (242) 332-3831 as soon as possible. We understand that the unexpected happens and cancellations are sometimes necessary. Cancellations that are made prior to the time of the scheduled tour enable staff to work on other projects and therefore rebooking will be guaranteed. However, tours that are not canceled will result in staff losing valuable time and as a result, the Levy Preserve staff may not guarantee a re-scheduled visit for that season.