Flora by Common Name

There are over 1400 species of vascular plants in the flora of the Lucayan Archipelago. The Lucayan Archipelago includes both The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands as a natural floristic unit. This flora includes native species as well as the invasive, naturalized, horticultural, and the agricultural plants.

The Levy Preserve/Bahamas National Trust is working to fulfill Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation which calls for each nation to have an online flora. The current online flora has over 560 species (~40 % of the flora) with descriptions and pictures.

At the Levy Preserve there are 410 native species in the living collection including 44 of the 89 endemic species known to occur in the islands (Freid et. al. 2014). The original survey of the property listed 171 species as naturally occurring on the site. The increase in species number is due to a closer examination of the site revealing additional species as naturally occurring as well as live plant collections from Abaco, Andros, Cat Island, Crooked Island, Exumas, Grand Bahama, Great Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, New Providence, San Salvador, and elsewhere on Eleuthera.  An additional 21 non-native fruiting trees, shrubs, and herbs were added to the Edible History section.

Many plant pages also have links to the herbarium specimens collected by the New York Botanical Gardens.

Below is a list of the vascular plants of the Lucayan Archipelago currently in the Levy Preserves online database. Click on the links below for information about each species.

Abraham Bush
African Bow String Hemp
African Spotted Orchid
Aloe vera
American Cherry
Arabian Lilac
Asparagus Fern - Asparagus densiflorus
Asparagus Fern - Asparagus setaceus
Asparagus Grass
Australian Pine
Autograph tree
Azores Jasmine
Bahama Brasiletto
Bahama Century Plant
Bahama Flax
Bahama Floating Heart
Bahama Hibiscus
Bahama Milk Pea
Bahama Mimosa
Bahama Passion Flower
Bahama Pigeon Plum
Bahama Sagebrush
Bahama Senna
Bahama Spathelia
Bahama Spurge
Bahama Swamp Bush
Bahama Waltheria
Bahama Vervain
Bahama Virgin's Bower
Bahamas Reynosia
Bahamian Buttercup
Bahamian Pine
Bamboo Grass
Banyan Tree
Bashful Bush
Bastard Stopper
Bastard Torch
Bay Bean
Bay Berry
Bay Cedar
Bay Hops
Bay Geranium
Bay Lavendar
Bay Marigold
Bay Rush - Zamia integrifolia
Bay Rush - Zamia pumila
Bay Winders
Bay Wormwood
Beach Alternanthera
Beach Iva
Beach Morning Glory
Beach Pea
Bed Grass
Bee Bush
Beef Wood
Beggars Tick
Bermuda Grass
Bert's Joe Wood
Bitter Aloes
Bitter Bush - Chromolaena odorata
Bitter Bush - Picramnia pentandra
Bitter Wood
Bitters - Colubrina arborescens
Bitters - Lasiocroton bahamensis
Black Ebony
Black Eyed Susan
Black Ink Berry
Black Iron Wood
Black Mangrove
Black Olive
Black Soap
Black Torch
Black Willow
Black Wood
Bladder Mallow
Blind-eye Bush
Blood Berry
Blue Flower
Blue Hearts
Blue Pea
Blue Plumbago
Blue Rat Tail
Blue Water Lily
Blunt Leave Achyranthes
Bo Hog Bush
Boa Wood
Boat Lily
Bootle Bay Sedge
Bougainvillea sp.
Bow Pigeon
Box Briar
Box Wood - Buxus bahamensis
Box Wood - Schaefferia frutescens
Bracken Fern
Brazilian Pepper
Brier Tree
Broom Sedge
Brown Seed Portulaca
Buccaneer Palm
Buffalo Top
Bull Thistle
Bull Vine
Bully Wood/a>
Bur Vervain
Burr Bush
Bushy Beard Grass
Bushy Flea Bane
Bushy Salmea
Butterfly Pea - Centrosema angustifolium
Butterfly Pea - Centrosema virginianum
Butterfly Pea - Clitoria ternatea
Butterfly Orchid
Butter Bough
Cajeput Tree
Candle Berry
Candle Torch
Candle Wood
Canker Berry
Cancer Tree
Cape Leadwort
Cape Plumbago
Caper Tree
Capitate Spike Rush
Caraja Bush
Caribbean Myrtle Croton
Caribbean Pine
Castor Bean
Cat Mint
Cat Nep
Cat Nip
Cat's Paw
Cat Tail
Cat's Tongue
Cathartic Bark
Catesby's Vine
Ceylon Swamp Lily
Chaney Briar
Chew Stick
China Berry
Chinese Crown Orchid
Christmas Berry Tree
Cinderella Weed
Cinnamon Bark
Climbing Asparagus
Climbing Hemp Weed
Clock Bush
Clover Ash
Coast Spurge
Coastal Indian Mallow
Coastal Iresine
Coastal Rat Tail Grass
Coco Plum
Colic Wood
Comb Bush Mint
Comb Fern
Common Prickly Pear
Common Snake Bark
Cone Spur Bladderwort
Coontie - Zamia integrifolia
Coontie - Zamia pumila
Copper Leaf
Coral Blow
Coral Creep
Coral Fountain
Coral Plant
Coral Vine
Cork Tree
Corky Passion Flower
Cough Bush
Cough Vine
Cow Bush
Cow Itch Vine
Crab Eyes
Crabwood - Coccoloba krugii
Crabwood - Gymnanthes lucida
Creeping Bluet
Creeping Sea Ox-Eye
Crinum Lily
Crow Feet Grass
Crown Grass
Cuban Yellow Wood
Cudjoe Wood
Cut Leaved Ground Cherry
Darling Plum
Devil's Backbone
Devils Potato
Devils Pumpkin
Diamond Frost
Dildo Cactus
Doctor Bar
Dog Berry
Dog Weed
Dog Wood
Dollar Orchid
Donkey Thistle
Dove Plum
Dragon Bones Tree
Drop Seed Grass
Drumstick Tree
Dune Lily Thorn
Dune Marsh Elder
Dutchmans Pipe
Dwarf Morning Glory
Dysentery Bark
Eyptian Grass
Eleuthera Coontie
False Boxwood
False Cocaine
False Lignum Vitae
False Mallow
Feather Bed
Fetid Marigold
Fever Grass
Fever Plant
Fever Root
Fiddle Flower
Fiddle Wood
Fire Bush - Croton lucidus
Fire Bush - Hamelia patens
Fire Cracker Plant
Fire Wheel
Fish Fuddle
Fish Poison
Flamboyant Tree
Flat Spiked Rush
Flea Bane
Flexuous Wild Pine
Fountain Plant
Fowl Foot
Foxtail Fern
French Grass
French Trumpet Flower
Frog Bush
Frog Tree
Frog Wood
Fringed Love Grass
Fringed Sida
Geiger Tree
Geranium Tree
Giant Air Plant
Giant Crinum Lily
Giant Leather Fern
Giant Milk Weed
Goat Bush
Goat Weed
Goats Foot
Gold Shower
Golden Creeper
Golden Dew Drop
Golden Polypody
Golden Rod
Goose Berry
Goose Grass
Governor Grant's Livery
Graceful Orchid
Granny Bush - Cordia bahamensis
Granny Bush - Croton linearis
Canker Berry - Solanum bahamense
Grass Leaved Golden Aster
Green Thorn
Grey Knickers
Guinea Bead
Gum Elemi
Gumbo Limbo
Hairy Wild Coffee
Hard Head Bush
Haul Back
Havana Cluster Vine
Hawaiian Sea Lettuce
Headache bush
Hercules Club
Hog Bush - Callicarpa hitchcockii
Hog Bush - Rachcallis americana
Hog Cabbage Palm
Hog Palmetto
Hog Weed
Hop Wood
Horned Yellow Wood Sorrel
Horse Bush - Gundlachia corymbosa
Horse Bush - Peltophorum adnatum
Horse Flesh
Horse Flesh Mahogany
Horse Herb
Horseradish Tree
Hurricane Grass
Hurricane Weed
Hyssop Leaf Sandmat
Inagua Frangipani
Inagua Oak
Inagua Sagebrush
Indian Blanket
Indigo Berry
Ink Berry - Forestiera segregata
Ink Berry - Randia aculeata
Ink Bush
Iron Weed
Iron Wood
Island Wax Weed
Jack Switch
Jacob's Ladder
Jamaican Caper
Jamaican Dogwood
Jerusalem Thorn
Joe Bush
Joe Wood
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Juniper Berry
Knicker Bean
Knotted Spike Rush
Knuxker Box
Lance Leaf
Lance Wood
Large Cyperus
Large Day Flower
Large Leaf Blolly
Lawn Flower
Lay Flat Spurge
Lead Wood
Leaf Life
Lice Root
Lignum Vitae
Lily Grass
Limewater Brookweed
Linden's Cattleyopsis
Link Vine
Lipstick Bush
Little Bell
Locust Berry
Long Island Coontie
Long Tom
Love Vine
Low Butterwort
Low Rattlebox
Lucky Nut
Lucky Seed
Mad Moll
Madagascar Periwinkle
Maiden Bush
Maidenhair Anemia
Maidenhair Fern
Marsh Fern
Marsh Fleabane
Marsh Gentian
Marsh Metastelma
Marsh Phyla
Marsh Pink
Mascarene Grass
Mastic Bully
Match Me If You Can
Mealy Wild Pine
Melon Leaf
Mexican Poppy
Mickle Bush
Milk and Wine Lily
Milk Berry
Milk Bush - Euphorbia mesembryanthemifolia
Milk Bush - Euphorbia tirucalli
Milky weed
Millspaugh's Consolea
Millspaugh's Dildo
Ming Tree
Minnie Root
Miracle Tree
Money Orchid
Moneywort Evolvulus
Monkey Fiddle
Morning Glory
Moses in a Basket
Mosquito Bush
Mosslike Lithophila
Mother In Laws Tongue
Mottled Spurge
Moujean Tea
Mrs. Britton's Shadow Witch
Muckle Bush
Mullein Nightshade
Mustard Tree
Naked Wood
Natal Grass
Natal Plum
Necklace Pod
Night Blooming Cereus
Night Scented Orchid
Noyau Vine
Obeah Bush
Old Maid
Old Man's Beard - Tibisia farcta
Old Man's Beard - Tillandsia usneoides
Old Man Cactus
Oyster Plant
Oyster Wood
Pale Stopper
Panama Crown Grass
Paper Bark Tree
Paradise Tree
Parasitic Ghost Plant
Parrot Apple
Pectinate Passion Flower
Pen and Ink
Pencil Cactus
Pencil Flower
Pencil Tree
Pepper Bush
Pepper Cinnamon
Pigeon Berry - Erithalis fruticosa
Pigeon Berry - Rivinia humilis
Pigeon Plum
Pin Weed Spurge
Pineland Aster
Pineland Fern
Pineland Pink
Pineland Snow Berry
Pink Morning Glory
Pink Rain Lily
Pissabed - Chiococca alba
Pisser bed - Vallesia antillana
Pitch apple
Pitcher Plant
Plum Berry
Plum Bush
Plume Asparagus
Poison Bulb
Poison Bush
Poison Ivy
Poison Tree
Poison Wood
Pond Weed
Pork and Doughboy
Pork Bush
Pork Fat Apple
Pound Cake Bush
Pour Man Strength
Prickly Apple
Prickle Bush - Oplonia spinosa
Prickle Bush - Randia aculeata
Prickly Bush
Prickly Pear
Prickly Tree
Pride of India
Prince Wood
Puncture Vine
Punk Tree
Purple Allamanda
Purple Bladderwort
Purple Bush Bean
Purple Emilia
Purple Heart
Pygmy Melon
Pyramid Bush
Railroad Vine
Rams Horn
Rat Root
Rat Wood
Red Cedar
Red Frangipanni
Red mangrove
Red Milk Pea
Red Plumeria
Rock Bush
Rong Bush
Rooster Comb - Heliotropium angiospermum
Rooster Comb - Serjania diversifolia
Rope Vine
Rouge Plant
Rough Leaf Velvet Seed
Royal poinciana
Rubber Vine - Cryptostegia grandiflora
Rubber Vine - Echites umbellatus
Rufous Orchid
Sabal Palm
Saffron Tree
Salt Marsh Agalinis
Salt Water Bush
Salt Wort
Salve Bush - Neurolaena lobata
Salve Bush - Solanum erianthum
Salz Bush
Sand Bur
Sand Couch
Sand Flea Bush
Sandmat Spurge
Sand Rocket
Sandy Plain Cluster Vine
Sarah's Toes
Satin Leaf
Saw Grass
Scarlet Morning Glory
Scipio Bush
Scurgeons Needle
Sea Beach Grass
Sea Coast Marsh Elder
Sea Grape
Sea Lettuce
Sea Oats
Sea Ox-eye
Sea Purslane
Sea Rocket
Seashore Drop Seed
Seashore Rush Grass
Seaside Heliotrope
Seaside Golden Rod
Seaside Mahoe
Sensitive Plant
Serpent Fern
Seven Man Strength
Seven Year Apple
Shaggy Crab Grass
Shake Hand
Sheathed Spurge
Sheep Potato
Shell Orchid
Shepherd's Needle
Shoe String Fern
Shower of Gold
Shy Plant
Silver Leaf
Silver Thatch
Silver Top
Silvery Wild Pine
Simple Leaf Chaste Tree
Singing Tree
Skull Cap
Sleepy Morning
Sleepy Plant
Slender Goat's Rue
Slender Nut Rush
Slender Sand Burr
Slippery Burr
Slippery Dick
Small Flower Lily Thorn
Small Leaved Blolly
Small Passion Flower
Small White Sage
Smoke Wood
Smooth Casearia
Smooth Horseweed
Smooth Melochia
Smooth Rattle Box
Smooth Velvet Seed
Smooth Wild Coffee
Snake Root - Chiococca alba
Snake Root - Picramnia pentandra
Snapdragon Root
Snow berry
Soldier Vine
Soap Bush
Sour Bush
Sour Grass
Sour Sop
Southern Bracken Fern
Southern Colic Root
Southern Crab Grass
Southern Grass Pink
Southern Lip Fern
Southern Sand Burr
Southern Shield Fern
Sow Bane
Spanish Bayonet
Spanish Cordia
Spanish Cork
Spanish Guava
Spanish Jasmine
Spanish Moss
Spineless Yellow Knicker
Spanish Stopper
Spiciform Milk Pea
Spider Lily
Spider Pea
Spike Grass
Spike Moss
Spike Rush
Spiny Black Olive
Spiny Sand Burr
Steel Wood
St. Andrews Cross
St. Thomas Bush
Stiff Cock
Stiff Flower Star Orchid
Stinking Pea
Stinking Pea Root
Stow Weed
Straggler Daisy
Strangler Fig
Strap Fern
Strip Me Naked
Stopper Bush
Strong Back
Strong Back Leave
Sugar Apple
Swamp Redwood
Sweet Margaret
Sweet Torch Wood
Swollen Wild Pine
Sword Bush
Tall Sea Blite
Tassel Flower
Thread Leaved Wild Pine
Thatch Palm
The Rich Flowering Oncidium
Three Finger Vine
Tick Trefoil
Tie Tongue
Tonka Bean
Tooth Cup
Tourist tree
Trailing Daisy
Tree Poppy
Tufted Phyllanthus
Turk's Cap
Turk's Head Cactus
Turk's Turban
Turtle Weed
Twin Berry
Twin Berry Stopper
Vanilla Vine
Velvety Rattle Box
Virgate Mimosa
Virginia Beard Grass
Walla berry
Wash Wood
Water Dropwort
Water hyssop
Water Pimpernel
Wax Berry
Wax Mallow
Wax Myrtle
West Indian Almond
West Indian False Box
West Indian Living Vase
West Indian Thyme
What O'clock
Whisk Fern
Whistling Bean
White Beef Wood
White Calliandra
White Candle Wood
White Granny Bush
White-headed Rush
White Indigo Berry
White Ink Berry
White Iron Wood
White Mangrove
White Rain Lily
White Sage
White Stopper
White Top
White Torch
White Water Lily
White Wood Bark
Wild Alamanda
Wild Apricot
Wild Balsam Apple
Wild Bush Bean
Wild Cherry
Wild Cinnamon
Wild Coffee
Wild Coral
Wild Cotton
Wild Down
Wild Dilly
Wild Down
Wild Fig
Wild Grape
Wild Guava - Petitia domingensis
Wild Guava - Mosiera longipes
Wild Guava - Tetrazygia bicolor
Wild Indigo
Wild Ipecac
Wild Lettuce
Wild Lime
Wild Mamee
Wild Mulberry
Wild Oak
Wild Orange
Wild Pepper Grass
Wild Potato
Wild Saffron
Wild Sage
Wild Salve
Wild Sapodilla
Wild Shallot
Wild Tamarind
Wild Thyme
Wild Tobacco
Wild Tomato
Wild Unction
Wild Watermelon
Wild Yam
Willow Bustic
Wire Weed
Woe Vine
Womans Tongue
Woody Glasswort
Wooly Booger
Wooly Nipple Cactus
Worm Seed
Worm Vine
Yellow Crocus
Yellow Elder
Yellow Knicker Bean
Yellow Knickers
Yellow Rain Lily
Yellow Top
Yellow Trumpet Flower
Yellow Wood
Yucatan Fly Mallow
Zoysia Grass