Camp Safari 2015: Winging It With Our Bahama Birds!

Camp Safari 2015: Winging It With Our Bahama Birds!

7/17/2015 11:09:00 AM

Camp Safari at the Levy Preserve this year was held from July 13-17 and was an exciting adventure into the world of Bahamian Birds.  The week’s activities were adapted from Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdSleuth curriculum and campers ‘soared’ under the theme ‘Winging It with Our Bahama Birds.’ Seven teenage counselors assisted with leading 25 enthusiastic camp participants between the ages of 8 and 14.

Campers started each day by grooving to the bird themed camp song and reciting the camp pledge. Presentations and games helped to teach campers about bird basics such as: parts of a bird, bird habitats, and bird mating and breeding. Campers learned about endemic and endangered birds and each day learned to identify several Bahamian species. Each child was encouraged to bring out their inner artist through exciting and educational crafts. One such activity involved a poster competition where groups made posters raising awareness of an endemic bird species of their choice.  Each afternoon, campers wrapped up the day snorkeling at a nearby beach. The camp culminated in a field trip to Tarpum Bay for some coastal birding and a beach picnic.  

Campers learn the parts of the bird.
Campers match males and females of the same species in a game called, "Fancy Males".
Campers practice using binoculars and field guides to identify birds                   around The Preserve. 

Campers create endemic bird conservation posters.
Campers design individual bird journals to document the birds they             observe. 
A camper takes a close look at a bird feather.