Wonderful, Waterful, Wetlands! At The Levy Preserve

Wonderful, Waterful, Wetlands! At The Levy Preserve

8/6/2014 11:44:12 AM
During the week of July 21st – 25th, 2014, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, in collaboration with the Haynes Library, hosted an educational, fun-filled summer camp for the children of Governor’s Harbour. This year’s theme was “Wonderful, Waterful, Wetlands!” Campers experienced the wonders of Bahamian wetlands, both on site at The Preserve’s mangrove and freshwater habitats, and off site on a field trip to a coastal mangrove ecosystem. Daily activities included wetland insect collection, bird watching, art and crafts, and afternoon snorkeling.

Campers create mangrove inspired art.

Campers collect wetland insects.

Dr. De Luca prepares insect displays.

Campers get a close look at mosquito larvae and butterfly wings.

Campers enjoy a bird craft activity.

A campers holds a Bahamian racer.

A camper finds juvenile conch during the mangrove snorkel.

Campers pose for a group shot on the final day of camp.