Another Successful Camp Safari at the Levy Preserve

7/25/2018 9:33:00 AM
The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve held its annual summer camp July 16-20 at the Preserve's Education Pavilion. Thirty campers from the local community enjoyed a week of sensory exploration which incorporated crafts, recyclable materials and items found in nature. Each day was dedicated to using one of the five senses: seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and hearing.

 Education officer Courtney leading the group tour
Teams working to find camouflaged items in a photo on Sight Day

The campers, led by Education Officer Courtney Kemp and volunteers, worked in teams for the week on a variety of activities. They constructed wind chimes, played listening games, guessed items in a mystery box by touch and created unique, textured art pieces. They later put their sense of smell to the test identifying mystery scents contained within glass jars. 

On the final day they toured the Preserve and were treated to bush tea samples. The group assignments encouraged teamwork and comradery amongst the campers. Daily transportation, snacks and lunch were provided and the campers were treated to an afternoon swim every day at the community beach in Governor's Harbour.

Creating unique, textured art pieces on Touch Day

Exploring the epikarst at Edible History

Snorkeling at the community beach
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