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Santa's Enchanted Forest

This year, the Preserve welcomed Santa Claus with a party themed, ‘Santa’s Enchanted Forest.’ It was a windy day when Santa Claus arrived at the Levy Preserve on December 20th.  A secret landing area was prepared for him to ensure he could surprise all those eagerly watching and waiting for him.   

When Santa burst onto the scene he was welcomed by excited “kids” of all ages. He also met lots ‘jolly’ good activities in progress, from face painting to games of Edible Hoopla, Wildlife and National Parks Match-Ups to eats of ice cream, cotton candy, chocolate mint cake, and egg nog and bush tea for all.

As always, Santa brought his favorite elf along to help him hand out Christmas stockings for the kids.  Everyone sported elf hats in beautiful pastel colours, and sounds of caroling could be heard throughout the Enchanted Forest, along with Santa’s booming laughter. 

The following volunteers help to make the Preserve’s holiday party a festive success: Central Eleuthera High School Science Teacher, Lucy Longley with five of her GGYA students; and Monique and Delphine Carroll. Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us and Happy New Year!

Santa arrives with his elf
Wild life match up was a hit

Guests enjoy sweet treats