Mangrove Boardwalk

The Mangrove Wetland at the Preserve was once historically linked to the sea, as evidenced by the presence of salt-tolerant red mangrove which flourishes as a mature forest. Follow the boardwalk to experience this unique island ecosystem and observe all four species of mangrove found in The Bahamas: red, black, white and buttonwood.

Browse the plants found in this area below.


Sabal Palm Sabal palmetto
Serpent Fern Phlebodium aureum
Black Mangrove Avicennia germinans
Red Mangrove Rhizophora mangle
Boston Fern Nephrolpis exaltata
White Mangrove Laguncularia racemosa
Silvery Wild Pine Tillandsia circinnata
Bull Vine Cissus intermedia
Mealy Wild Pine Catopsis berteroniana
Florida Strap Airplant Catopsis floribunda
Money Orchid Encyclia boothiana
Lesser Yellow Spike Orchid Polystachya foliosa
Nocturnal Epidendrum Epidendrum nocturnum
Fehling's Encyclia Encyclia fehlingii


False Cocaine Erythroxylum areolatum
Ram's Horn Pithecellobium keyense
Cinnecord Acacia choriophylla
Pain-in-back Trema lamarckianum
Box Briar Randia aculeata
Darling Plum Reynosia septentrionalis
White Calliandra Calliandra formosa