Booking Information

Please read the following before booking an educational program with the Levy Preserve.

Planning: Teachers should provide up to 3 weeks’ notice to book a field trip that will include pre and post-visit lessons. This ensures enough time to prepare according to your grade’s previous knowledge on the subject and an appropriate activity. Please ensure you have the following information available:
-Your school
-Grade level
-Topic (which includes students’ previous knowledge)
-Time allotted for the trip  

Cost: Field trips are $2 per primary school student and $3 per high school student. A minimum of 1:10/adult to child ratio is necessary when bringing a class to the Levy Preserve. For every 10 students, a chaperone will be admitted at no cost. 

On-site meals: Snacks and lunch can be organized through The Levy Preserve. Meals are outsourced through a local catering service.

We require three days' notice for organizing snacks and a full week's notice for lunch. Prices may vary depending on class size, food and beverage requests etc.   

What to bring:
• Comfortable, closed toe shoes 
• Water  
• Snacks (optional)  
• Hat/sunscreen/shades 
Contact Information:
Heidi Johnson