Welcome Centre

Upon arriving to the Preserve you are motioned towards the Leon Levy Welcome Centre. This building is covered with native limestone. Here you can shop for Leon Levy Preserve merchandise, ask to view the Preserve insect collection, buy locally made straw products and bush teas.

Walk through the building and enter the enchanting Coconut Grove. Here you can sit and admire the view of the Water Feature, watching hummingbirds feed and relax with nature.


Five Finger Tabebuia bahamensis
Rufous Orchid Encyclia rufa
Coconut Palm Cocos nucifera
Pigeon Plum Coccoloba diversifolia
Lignum Vitae Guaiacum sanctum
Whisk Broom Psilotum nudum
Golden Creeper Ernodea littoralis
Southern Shield Fern Thelypteris kunthii
White Head Rhyncospora floridensis
Giant Fern Acrostichum danaeifolium
Tropical Fimbry Fimbristylis cymosa
Pink Rain Lily Zephryanthes rosea
Yellow Rain Lily Zephryanthes citrina
Porter Weed Phyla nodiflora
White Rain Lily Zephryanthes puertoricensis
Rusty Sedge Fimbristylis ferruginea
Large Cyperus Cyperus ligalaris
Capitate Spike Rush Eleocharis geniculata
Waterhyssop Bacopa monnieri
Capitate Spike Rush Eleocharis caribaea
Buccaneer Palm Pseudophoenix sargentii
Wild Tamarind Lysiloma latisilliquum
Horse Bush Gundlachia corymbosa
Coonti Zamia pumila
Sea Oats Uniola paniculata
Black Ink Berry Scaevola plumieri
Bay Lily Hymenocallis arenicola
Shanks Salmea petrobioides
Spike Grass Uniola virgata
Buttonwood Conocarpus erectus
Mosquito Bush Strumpfia maritima
Bay Lavender Argusia gnaphalodes
Wild Thyme Rhachicallis americana
Silver Top Palm Coccothrinax argentata
Gum Elemi Bursera simaruba
Ming Tree Bucida spinosa
Spanish Stopper Eugenia foetida