1–2 hours 

A fun and informative walk through the Preserve with a knowledgeable guide. Highlights include a history of the Preserve, uses of Bahamian medicinal plants, importance of the mangrove ecosystem and plants and their role in the Bahamian diet.

Guided tours are by appointment (minimum 48-hour notice) and are an additional $5 per guest. To arrange a tour call 242-332-3831 or email

Interested in sampling fresh-made bush teas?  Request a sampling at the time of booking and we will have them ready for your tour!


Explore the Preserve at your leisure with a map and complimentary Bird and Arthropod guides


Mangrove Wetland

This spectacular open water wetland feature is enhanced with a man-made waterfall and inhabited by the endemic Cat Island Slider. There are sink holes, directly connected to the sea - the water level in them rises and falls daily with the tides.

Mangrove Boardwalk 

The Mangrove Wetland was once historically linked to the sea, as evidenced by the presence of salt-tolerant red mangroves which flourish as a mature forest. Take the boardwalk to experience this unique ecosystem and observe four species of mangrove found in The Bahamas: red, black, white and buttonwood.  

Medicinal Plant Trail 

Bush medicine involves brewing the roots, bark and leaves of particular plants and trees to make beverages (commonly called teas). This tea making tradition was passed down from African ancestors who were resettled in The Bahamas as slaves and today the tradition continues in many Family Island settlements. Over 200 plant species are used for medicinal purposes in The Bahamas, to reduce anxiety, restore appetite, relieve respiratory infections, increase sexual vitality, and treat asthma and skin allergies. 

This trail is organized by ailment, featuring specimen trees and plants that are used in the treatment of a particular illness. It is a must for anyone interested in homeopathic medicine and ethnobotany.  

Epiphyte Trail 

Abound with orchids and bromeliads, you will encounter around 8 species of orchids and 4 different species of bromeliads. This U-shaped trail is approximately 800 feet in length and travels around the slope of a ridge. It is a 15-20 minutes walk.

Tower Loop
For the more adventurous explorers, the Tower Loop will take you to the highest point on The Preserve. There you can climb Ethan's Tower for a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding area, including a 120 degree ocean view. The Tower is about 75 feet above sea level. This trail alone is about half a mile long and takes 45 minutes walk. 


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