Annual Camp Safari Showcases the Power of Plants

7/23/2017 10:31:00 AM

In the July the Preserve held its annual Camp Safari, under the theme: "The Power of Plants". For five days campers got to explore all the amazing things plants can do. They looked at various ways in which plants could be used to create luxury items, as well as the necessary biological processes they perform to help us live and breathe. Notable activities included a straw-plaiting workshop and T-shirt printing exercise using plants. Campers also toured the Edible History trail and the Mangrove Wetland and conducted experiments demonstrating how plants protect themselves from erosion and flooding.

Examining xylem cells 
Budding fashion designers making unique prints

Other fun components included an Edible Plant classification game and a poster board competition. A highlight of the Camp were the daily trips to the beach where campers enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and discovering a whole new world outside of the terrestrial environment of the Preserve..