Anemia adiantifolia

Anemia adiantifolia (L.) Sw.

Common Names: Maidenhair Anemia

Family: Schizaceae

Habit: Anemia adiantifolia produces a rhizome that grows horizontally,1-5 cm below the surface. The rhizome is covered with dense hairs and produces fronds distichously along its length. The asexual fronds are 15-80 cm in length and bi or quad pinnate. The frond is ovate in outline. The stipe is yellowish in color.

The sexual fronds are similar to the asexual fronds except that the two lower pinnae are modified to produce sori arranged in a panicle like structure.

Habitat: Anemia adiantifolia grows along the edges of Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formations-Forest/Shrublands (Coppice) as well as an understory herb in Pine Woodlands. In both habitats it is often found along the edges of solution holes.

Distribution: Anemia adiantifolia occurs in the central and northern islands of the Lucayan Archipelago as well as south Florida, the Caribbean region, and northern South America through Central America into Mexico.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Anemia adiantifolia is not used medicinally in the Bahamas.