Bocconia frutescens

Bocconia frutescens L.

Common Names: Tree Poppy

Family: Papaveraceae

Habit: Bocconia frutescens grows a few branched, shrub to 3 m in height. The leaves are arranged alternately/clustered at stem tips, up to 40 cm in length.  The leaf is obovate, sinuate and lobed, with an acuminate leaf apex.  Abaxial surface is pubescent.

The incomplete, perfect flowers are arranged in panicles. The calyx has 2 bluish green sepals.  There is no corolla, up to 10 stamens and a superior ovary with a single locule. The fruit is a drupe.  The seed has a red fleshy aril.

Habitat: Bocconia frutescens grows in disturbed Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formation – Forest/Shrubland (coppice).

Distribution in Bahamas/Globally: Bocconia frutescens occurs on Abaco, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.  A doubtful native of the Bahamas.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Bocconia frutescens is not known to have been used medicinally in the Bahamas.