Brugmansia candida

Brugmansia candida Persoon

Synonym: Datura candida

Common Names: Angel's Trumpet

Family: Solanaceae

Habit: Brugmansia candida grows as a large shrub to 6 m in length. The simple leaves are arranged alternately, to 16 cm in length, slightly short pubescent, ovate to elliptic with an acute/acuminate leaf apex and an entire, undulate, or toothed leaf margin.

The complete, perfect, actinomorphic, pendulant flowers are terminal, solitary or in few flowered clusters. The calyx has 5, fused into a spathelike tube with a notch on one side, greenish sepals.  The corolla has 5 fused, orange/cream/white petals to 30 cm in length.  There are 5 stamens with yellow anthers adnate to the corolla.  The ovary is half inferior with 4 locules and numerous seeds.  The fruit is an unarmed capsule at maturity.

Habitat: Brugmansia candida grows in Human Altered environments (yards and gardens).

Distribution: Brugmansia candida is NOT native to the Lucayan Archipelago.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Brugmansia candida is not known to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.  It is native to Peru.

Brugmansia candida is EXTREMELY TOXIC.  Care should be taken when handling the plant and no portion of the plant should ever be ingested.