Callicarpa hitchcockii

Callicarpa hitchcockii Millsp.

Common Names: Hog Bush, Boar Hog Bush

Family: Verbenaceae

Habit: Callicarpa hitchcockii grows as a medium size shrub up to 3 meters in height. The trunk is thin typically not more than 2 cm in diameter at the base presenting the shrub with a leggy, viney appearance. The leaves are arranged oppositely, to 5 cm long, oblanceolate, with an obtuse leaf apex and a revolute margin. The leaves have deeply recessed venation giving the leaf a wrinkled texture. The stems are covered with trichomes providing a scurfy surface.

The complete, prefect, actinomorphic flowers are arranged in few flowered cymes. The calyx has 4 fused green petals. The corolla has 4 fused, pink petals. There are 4 stamens. The ovary is superior with 2 locules and is a berry turning blue/purple at maturity. All structures except stamens have resin glands covering them.

Habitat: Callicarpa hitchcockii grows in Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formation – Shrublands (coppice/scrublands) as well as Pine Woodlands.

Distribution: Callicarpa hitchcockii occurs in the north central islands of the Lucayan Archipelago as well as cays along the northern Cuban coastline.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Callicarpa hitchcockii is widely used in the Lucayan Archipelago medicinally. It is used to treat colds and flus, pain, ob/gyn issues as well as in general strengthening teas.