Iva cheiranthifolia

Iva cheiranthifolia Kunth

Common Names: Bush Iva

Family: Asteraceae

Habit: Iva cheiranthifolia is a branching shrub to 2 m in height (usually lower). The leaves are arranged alternate and oppositely, 3-nerved, to 6 cm in length, elliptic to oblong to oblanceolate with an entire margin and an acute leaf apex. Vegetation with a fine pubescence.

The incomplete, imperfect, monoecious flowers are arranged in heads subtended an involucre made of 3 – 5 series of phyllaries. The actinomorphic, staminate flowers have 5 fused sepals, 5 unfused stamens, and a non-functional ovary.  The zygomorphic carpellate flowers occur in the center of the head, each subtended by a bract, has a perianth tube, no stamens and a single superior ovary that becomes an achene at maturity.  The flowers and achenes are covered with pubescence and tubercles.

Habitat: Iva cheiranthifolia grows behinds Dunes, in brackish areas, edges of Pine Woodlands and Mangroves.

Distribution: Iva cheiranthifolia occurs on the northern island groupings within the Lucayan Archipelago, Cuba, and Grand Cayman.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Iva cheiranthifolia is not used medicinally in the Bahamas.