Phialanthus myrtilloides

Phialanthus myrtilloides Griseb.

Common Names: Candlewood, False Resin Leaf

Family: Rubiaceae

Habit: Phialanthus myrtilloides grows as a shrub to small tree up to 5 meters in height.  The leaves are arranged oppositely, oblong to spathulate, to 5 cm in length, with an acute leaf apex and entire margin although slightly inrolled. The leaves and new growth are resinous.

The complete, perfect, actinomorphic flowers are arranged in short, tight, few-flowered panicles.  The calyx has 4 unfused greenish sepals.  The corolla has 4 whitish fused petals.  There are 4 stamens fused to the corolla tube.  The ovary is inferior with 2 locules.  The fruit is a capsule at maturity.

Habitat: Phialanthus myrtilloides grows in Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formation – Shrublands (scrublands) and occasionally in Pine Woodlands.

Distribution: Phialanthus myrtilloides occurs on all island groupings within the Lucayan Archipelago as well as the Greater Antilles.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Phialanthus myrtilloides is not known to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.