Phlebodium aureum

Phlebodium aureum (L.) J. Sm.

Synonym: Polypodium aureum

Common Names: Serpent Fern, Golden Polypody

Family: Polypodiaceae

Habit: Phlebodium aureum grows as an epiphyte with a creeping rhizome.  Rhizome covered with dense soft, orange – brown trichomes. Fronds arise alternately along the rhizome each lasting a single year.  The fronds slightly deltoid in shape with pinnate lobes, to 1 meter in length (typically shorter).  Pinnae lobes are linear-lanceolate (terminal lobe largest), to 20 cm in length, entire with an acute apex.

The sori are round and produced in rows on the abaxial surface.

Habitat: Phlebodium aureum grows as an epiphyte in Sabal palmetto tops at the base of the petioles along the trunk.

Distribution: Phlebodium aureum occurs in the central and northern island groupings of the Lucayan Archipelago as well as Florida, the entire Caribbean Region and Central and South America.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Phlebodium aureum is not known to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.