Pleopeltis marginata

Pleopeltis marginata A. R. Sm. & Tejero

Synonym: Neurodium lanceolatum

Common Names: Narrow Leaved Brake

Family: Polypodiaceae

HabitPleopeltis marginata grows from a short rhizome to 3 mm in diameter with deltate/ovate scales.  Glabrous subsessile fronds numerous from the rhizome appearing as a rosette. Each frond linear/lanceolate, up to 50 cm in length and 5 cm wide, with an entire, repand margin and acute apex.

The sori are arranged in 2 linear, submarginal rows at the distal/apical 1/3rd  to ½  of the frond along the abaxial surface.  There is no indusium.

HabitatPleopeltis marginata grows as an epiphyte on trees, in sinkholes, in wet shady areas in Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formation – Forests (coppice).

DistributionPleopeltis marginata is known to occur in the northern island groupings of the Lucayan Archipelago as well as the Caribbean and Central America.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usagePleopeltis marginata is not known to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.