Rhynchospora floridensis

Rhynchospora floridensis (Britt.) H. Pfeiffer

Synonym: Dichromena floridensis

Common Names: White Top, White-headed Rush

Family: Cyperaceae

Habit: Rhynchospora floridensis grows as a clumping herb to 40 centimeters in height (typically 15-20 centimeters). The leaves are arranged alternately, parallel veined, to 15 cm in length on a triangular shaped stem.

The incomplete, perfect, actinomorphic flowers are arranged in spikelets grouped together in a short rachis forming a head like structure on a scape. Each spikelet is subtended by a large showy white bract. The individual flowers are subtended by 1 scale. The lower flowers in each spikelet are infertile. There is no calyx or corolla. There are 3 stamens. The ovary is superior with a single locule. The fruit is a dark achene at maturity.

Habitat: Rhynchospora floridensis grows along the edges of Fresh Water Wetlands, in Sabal palmetto Woodlands, Pine Woodlands and Mangrove areas that are only slightly brackish.

Distribution: Rhynchospora floridensis on all island groupings in the Lucayan Archipelago, Caribbean, Florida, Mexico and Central America.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Rhynchospora floridensis is not know to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.