Sabatia stellaris

Sabatia stellaris Pursh

Common Names: Marsh Pink

Family: Gentianaceae

Habit: Sabatia stellaris a herbaceous annual up to 60 cm in height. The sessile leaves are arranged oppositely, sessile, to 4 cm in length and 6 mm wide, spathulate to linear, with an entire leaf margin

The complete, perfect, actinomorphic flowers are solitary in leaf axils.  The calyx has 5 fused at their base, green sepals. The corolla has 5, fused at their base, pink (sometimes white) petals that are red and then yellow at their base.  There are 5 stamens fused to rim of the corolla.  The ovary is inferior with a single locule and numerous seeds.  The fruit is a capsule at maturity.

Habitat: Sabatia stellaris grows in and around Fresh Water Wetlands as well as Human Altered environments that stay wet

Distribution: Sabatia stellaris occurs in the central and northern island groupings in the Lucayan Archipelago, Cuba, Mexico, and the southern United States.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Sabatia stellaris is not known to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.