Selaginella eatonii

Selaginella eatonii Hieron. ex Small

Common Names: Spike Moss

Family: Selaginellaceae

Habit: Selaginella eatonii grows as a low growing creeping creating mats to 5 cm, freely rooting at nodes. The sessile leaves are 2 tanked. The leaves are of 2 sizes.  One smaller, lanceolate with an acuminate leaf apex. The other leaf is larger, ovate to elliptic with an obtuse to acute leaf apex.

Sporangia produced terminally and subtended by a sporophyll.

Habitat: Selaginella eatonii grows on rock walls in sink holes as well as wet soil near or around Fresh Water Wetlands.

Distribution: Selaginella eatonii occurs on Abaco, Andros and Grand Bahama as well as Cuba, and Florida.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Selaginella eatonii is not known to be used medicinally in the Bahamian Archipelago.