Serjania diversifolia

Serjania diversifolia (Jacq.) Radlk.

Common Names: Fowl Foot, Roosters Comb, Three Finger Vine

Family: Sapindaceae

Habit: Serjania diversifolia grows as a vine/liana to 12 m in length and 2 cm in diameter.  The odd pinnate leaves are arranged alternately, to 10 cm in length. The leaflets ovate, to 8 cm in length with a round to obtuse leaf apex and a entire or toothed leaf margin.

The complete, perfect, zygomorphic flowers are arranged in racemose panicles.  The calyx has 5 unfused white sepals.  The corolla has 4 unfused, white petals.  There are 8 stamens and 5 yellow staminodes.  The 3-lobed ovary is superior with 3 locules.  The fruit is a white samara with 3 wings.

Habitat: Serjania diversifolia grows climbing other trees and shrubs in Dry Broadleaf Evergreen Formation- Forests/Woodlands/Shrublands (coppice, scrublands).

Distribution: Serjania diversifolia occurs in the central and northern island groupings in the Lucayan Archipelago and the Greater Antilles.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Serjania diversifolia has been used in the Lucayan Archipelago to treat obstetrical and gynecological issues.