Yucca aloifolia

Yucca aloifolia L.

Common Names: Spanish Bayonet, Dagger Plant

Family: Asparagaceae

Habit: Yucca aloifolia grows as a caulescent, semi succulent shrub to 4 m in height.  The leaves are arranged essentially in whorls along the stem.  The leaves are sessile, linear, to 75 cm in length and 27 cm in width and entire margins. The leaf apex is modified into a spine.

The actinomorphic flowers are arranged in a terminal panicle to 60 cm in height.  The calyx has 3 unfused white sepals.  The corolla has 3 white, unfused petals.  There are 6 unfused stamens.  The superior ovary has 3 locules and numerous seeds.  The fruit is a light brown capsule at maturity.

Habitat: Yucca aloifolia grows in a Dunes and open areas with a sand substrate although primarily it occurs in Human Altered environments (yards and gardens),

Distribution: Yucca aloifolia is known to occur throughout the island groupings of the Lucayan Archipelago, the Caribbean region, Mexico and the southern United States.

Medicinal/Cultural/Economic usage: Yucca aloifolia is not know to be used medicinally in the Lucayan Archipelago.

It has been used as an ornamental especially for defensive plantings around houses and as fences.