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A Spooktacular Halloween at Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

On October 28th, The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve transformed into a realm of festive fright and enjoyment for our annual Halloween Spooktacular event. Spooktacular is one of many events we host to invite the community to explore and enjoy their national park. Children and adults alike were welcomed into the Preserve’s gates for a night of fun and excitement.

As night fell, The Preserve came alive with an enchanting mix of spooky decorations and the natural beauty of Bahamian flora. The air was filled with excitement and laughter as families engaged in various activities, offering a playful nod to the spooky season while enjoying nature.

Highlights of the event included various Halloween-themed games and crafts, delicious food, a costume contest, and a dance hall with a live DJ. Of course, no Halloween event would be complete without some trick-or-treating, and each child received a goodie bag filled with treats that added a sweet touch to the night. A central highlight of our Halloween Spooktacular is always the thrilling Spooky Trail.

As dusk fell, Suniva’s trail, a winding path through the heart of the native coppice, transformed into an eerie journey under the moonlit sky. Adorned with ghostly decorations and mysterious sounds, it offers the perfect place for some Halloween scares. Volunteers dressed as ghouls and other characters, lurked behind the trees, jumping out at just the right moments to elicit screams and laughter from the brave souls who dared to venture through. The Spooky Trail always leaves attendees with heart-pounding memories of a Halloween night filled with delightful scares amidst the enchanting backdrop of The Preserve.

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve thanks everyone who attended Spooktacular 2023. See you next year!

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