Plant Community: Human Altered

All You Need to Know About Bahamian Flora and Their Communities

By Ethan Freid, PhD
Botanist, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

This includes all areas that have been altered by humans in some form or fashion, including, but not limited to, homes, yards/lawns, gardens, farms (abandoned farms), orchards, roads, businesses, drainage ponds, schools, golf courses, hotels, etc. These systems are dominated by non-native species. Over time, they may return to a fully vegetated state/covered state with maturity, but often with non-natives dominating.

Human Altered – home/yard

Human Altered – Road/street/highway/parking lot/business/industrial area

Human Altered – Golf Course/Large lawn/Park/School Yard

Human Altered – Farming

Human Altered – Farming – Orchard

Areas dominated by invasive plants are a specific subcategory. This subcategory relates to areas that were physically altered by human actions and then subsequently vegetated by invasive non-native plants. Examples are abandoned farms and fields, abandoned golf courses, cleared zones, dredge and spoil areas, etc.

The most common is the Casuarina equisetifolia Alliance

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