Plant Community: Rocky Shore

All You Need to Know About Bahamian Flora and Their Communities

By Ethan Freid, PhD
Botanist, Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Defined as an area of exposed, highly eroded limestone adjacent to the shore.  Within 3-5 meters from the shore, the vegetation becomes dominated by Rhachicallis americana (Wild Thyme) with a transition to increasing amounts of Conocarpus erectus (Button Wood) and Borrichia arborescens (Sea Ox Eye). The transition from exposed limestone to vegetation may be a wide, gentle slope to a narrow, more vertical slope.  In many areas, there are vertical cliffs with rocky shores at the top of them.

This is the least biodiverse plant community. If enough sand has been thrown there, a small strip of dune may form behind the rocky shore.

Common Alliances

  • Rhachicallis americana – Strumpfia maritima – Suriana maritima Shrubland Alliance
  • Rhachicallis americana Dwarf-shrubland Alliance

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